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Pen Pouches For Protection of the Lanier Handcrafted Pens and Pencils

Giving the gift of a handcrafted Lanier Pen or Pencil certainly states that the individual receiving it is very special. By giving the gift with a pen pouch helps ensure that the gift will be protected through time.

Durable Pen Pouches

Although pen pouches can be bought from other places it is important to purchase a durable pen pouch that will protect the exquisite Lanier Pens. All of Lanier's handcrafted pens are truly treasures that will last over time and may well become a family heirloom. With the customized engraving and knowing there is no other pen out there that is exactly the same truly makes these pens gems and collectables.

All of the pen pouches are constructed of the finest quality and durable leather. A selection of a single or double pen pouch is available. Black and brown are the offered colors. Protecting the Lanier pen has never been easier.

Knowing the newest owner will take great pride in their newly acquired gift brings the gift giver joy. Helping the owner keep their newest treasure protected and secure is easy with these super durable pen pouches.

Genuine premium quality leather as elegance before the pen is even revealed from the pouch. Each pen pouch is scratch and water resistant and made in the United States of America. Lanier's takes great pride in helping to ensure the safety and protection in the pen you have purchased. Whether it is a special someone or an employee, let them know that keeping their new gift safe and free from scratches means as much to you as it does them!

From our handcrafted pens and pencils made from the choice of over 60 natural exotic woods made on special lathes to the polishing great care has been taken to make this gift. Knowing that the gift is exactly like no other to be found anywhere in the world is quite exciting. Giving the peace of mind knowing it is protected and secure is priceless.

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