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Personalize Your Handcrafted Exotic Wood Longwood Pencils

If you’re looking for a handcrafted wood pencil that is manufactured using only the finest workmanship, then select one of Lanier’s handcrafted exotic wood Longwood Pencils. Not only will you own a piece of art, but one of the most balanced and highly crafted mechanical pencils available to discriminating users like you.

Once you purchase one of Lanier’s personalized pencils, you’ll want to own more. You can choose from a full line of personalized pencils because you can select the exotic wood and plating options, making your pencil a one-of-a-kind writing instrument. You also have the option of adding a black rubber “comfort grip” to your personalized pencil just in case you’re planning to fill up your journal or have hours of writing ahead of you.

Our mechanical pencils feature the smooth operating, “super-feed” Hi-tech trouble-free precision mechanism that pencil users enjoy. It uses the favorite .7mm pencil lead, and has a click activated lead dispenser. The Longwood Pencil also has a concealed eraser under the cap.

Make It Your Signature Wood Pencil

Now you have the chance to not only own a handcrafted exotic wood Longwood Pencil, but you can personalize it too. Your mechanical pencil can be customized by selecting the exotic wood you want it made from, and what plating option you use as trim. You have more than sixty hardwoods from forests around the world to choose the perfect wood that makes your Longwood Pencil “just yours”.

You can select from many locations from continents far away including Asia, Africa and Australia, and then it will be hand turned and hand polished for a beauty that is breathtaking.

Next you choose your plating – from 24kt Gold to Brushed Satin – that not only enhances the pencil’s wood, but also makes it more durable. Your Lanier handcrafted wood Longwood Pencil will be around for generations to come.

If you’re looking for a promotional pencil, the Longwood Pencil is great for students, prizes and even gifts for that special person and occasion. You can personalize your mechanical pencil for yourself or as a gift, by having your pencil engraved, in addition to a Rosewood or Maple gift box. You can also order a matching Longwood Pen to make your gift or collectible even more special.

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